Mac: Game crashes before character generation

We've discovered that for some Mac users, the game will go to a black screen after starting a new game and walking through the In Between, just before character generation.

Update Sat, May 12: Our QA team is currently testing a potential fix to the "black screen" issue on Mac, which can happen during a level load. We have made this build available on our public beta branches on both Steam and GOG.

If you would like to opt into the beta patch, you can find instructions here:

To see all issues fixed in this build, please see this thread:

If you choose to participate in the beta patch and the issue still occurs for you, or you experience a new issue, our QA team is actively watching the following thread for bugs related to the patch:

Thank you very much for your patience as we work to resolve this issue as quickly as possible!

We're currently investigating this and it appears to be occurring when the game is played with Intel Iris Pro / HD 5000 chipsets as the active display adapter. If your Mac has a discrete graphics adapter (such as AMD or NVIDIA), we recommend playing with this adapter instead. For laptops, you may need to plug into a power source to ensure it is being used.

For those of you without discrete graphics adapters, we are working very hard on a hotfix. Please stay tuned to this article for more information.

To determine if you have a discrete graphics adapter:

  1. Open the Apple menu and click About this Mac.
  2. Press the System Report button and select Graphics/Displays on the left

If you only see an Intel adapter here, you do not have a discrete graphics adapter. If you see two adapters here, either from AMD or NVIDIA, you do have a discrete adapter.

Further information:

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