Frame rate issues and constant crashing with Nvidia GFX Cards

It has been reported on many outlets that users are experiencing a frame drop or stuttering when playing Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, which can lead to crashing.

This has been reported to affect mostly Nvidia graphics cards, but other graphic cards may also be included. If you are experiencing these problems, please try the solution below to resolve the matter.

Note: This support article is intended for advanced users and may require downloading a third party software known as RivaTuner. Please do so at your own risk.

Limit your frame rate

The first step is to limit your frame rate to 60 if you feel you have a very powerful card, otherwise if you have a older graphics card attempt to  limit the frame rate to 30.

  1. You can download a third party application RivaTuner to help set your frame rate by downloading the program at
  2. Once downloaded, open the Statistics Server Client and set the framerate limit to 30.

Adjust your graphics settings using the Nvidia control panel

  1. In the Nvidia control panel and under 3D settings go to the manage 3D settings tab and choose Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.
  2. Look for AA:FXAA and turn it on, or if you want higher fps you can leave this off.
  3. Go to Anti Aliasing mode and select override and set the Transparency to 2x.
  4. Go to Triple Buffering and choose ON.
  5. Right below it, set V-Sync to ON as well. Be sure not to user Adaptive or Fast.

Adjust your in game settings

  1. Launch the game, and go to the Options Menu and select Graphics.
  2. Enable Fullscreen.
  3. Set the Anti Aliasing to 1 and uncheck V-Sync.
  4. Adjust the other options to your liking!

A very big thank you to Postenago on the Obsidian Technical Forums! You can find his post here with the information above.

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