How do I report a bug?

If you are looking to report a bug, there are several things you can do that can help before submitting the bug.  If you are unable to get some of the items in these steps, don't worry, we will still try to fix the bug. 

  1. A brief summary of the bug. 
  2. A screenshot or clip of the bug.
  3. Detailed steps to reproduce the bug.
  4. A save file from before the bug occurred. You can find your save files here.
  5. A copy of your player log  %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Microsoft Studios\Pentiment
  6. Information on your system specifications. See below.

Once you have the screenshot, save file, and system specifications, put them into a .zip folder.  Now you can email them to us at along with your bug summary and steps on how to reproduce the bug.

To save your system information, please for us, press (Window Key + R), Type "dxdiag" and press Enter, Click Save All Information, and attach the file that is created.

Please note: There is a lot of information in this file about your computer, including its name, and possibly your username on the computer. Please feel free to open and review the file and delete anything you may be uncomfortable with sharing with us.

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