How do I get help with The Outer Worlds?

General Support

Have a question about the game or need help? The good folks at Private Division Support are here to help. They’re even certified by The Board!

Microsoft Store and Xbox Support

Having a problem installing the game through the Microsoft Store, or Xbox (Beta) App on PC? Having problems installing on your Xbox One?

PlayStation Support

Having a problem installing the game on your PlayStation or issues in the PlayStation Store?

Press and Streamer Inquiries

Wait, why don’t you offer direct support for The Outer Worlds?

We’re happy to help as time permits, but Obsidian’s primary role is developing games. This may sound strange but we don’t actually sell our own games! That’s all handled through our publishing partners, like Private Division on The Outer Worlds. They handle sales, marketing, and customer service and are much better equipped to handle your questions and problems you may be running into. We keep in very regular contact so we can look at addressing issues you may be having so please be sure to search through Private Division’s support portal and reach out to them if you need help!

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