Patch 0.6.2 Notes 2-4-21

Patch 0.6.2 has been released for all players. Please update your game when you see that this update is available to receive the following fixes and changes:



  • Applied a fix for a random client crash dealing with joining / respawning.
  • Fixed random client crash that can occur when doing hold button interacts.
  • Included a fix for random client crashes when dealing with Plank Pallet and Stem Pallet replications.
  • A fix was found to prevent random crashes when interacting with the map screen.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred on clients when destroying buildings.
  • Found a fix for clients not being able to unset their Respawn Point.
  • Fixed an issue with buildings sometimes being placed on the floor above the current floor you are on in your base.


  • Buildings that are damaged will not display as full health when clients load in.
  • Thrown items should no longer be occasionally thrown in directions you aren't facing.
  • Improved building placement functionality to help prevent issues with placing the Palisade Wall.


  • You can now drink from a canteen while holding a shield.


  • Ants are no longer endlessly intrigued by you. They will eventually get bored of you and move on with their lives.
  • Ants will no longer aggro when you harvest Crow Feathers.
  • Added staggers onto flying creatures for when you hit them.
  • Fireflies should stick to a better schedule and be more reliable during night time when returning to the yard.


  • Improved Firefly audio.

We are working to push out updates to enhance your gaming experience continually, and we appreciate your reports and your continued support while we further develop Grounded!

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Thank you again, and have fun out in the backyard!

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