Known Major Issues

Below is a list of issues we know about that may currently affect players.  WATCH OUT!

General Issues

  • Many users are experiencing extended waits for downloading and installing of the game.
  • Some users are reporting loss of clicking functionality on higher resolution monitors.  Playing on a lower resolution should fix this issue until a fix is in.
  • Some GOG users may be having trouble installing the game. (GOG support seems to fix this)
  • In rare cases, the client may crash when transitioning to the World Map.
  • Hired adventurers do not play voice over during their character creation.
  • There are some characters that are missing a line or two of voice over.
  • On rare occasions, players may get a black screen when loading a save game.  Restarting the client should fix the issue.
  • Larger scenes like Queen's Berth are known to have lower frame rates.
  • Some abilities obtained from item enchantments are missing their icons.
  • Players cannot reverse pickpocket hostile NPCs.
  • Characters engaging targets will follow the target during idle stances(recovery), preventing engagement breaks and opportunity attacks.

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