Legacy Issues

Below is a list of potential issues that may affect player progression and some of the diagnostic steps or workarounds that can be used to resolve them.

  • Players with general performance issues, freezes, or crashes, we have compiled a list of diagnostic steps that have worked to varying degrees for other users.  You can find the list with some instructions here.
  • Mac users who are having graphical issues where large sections of the map are white, it has been found that if you save the game and load the new save file, the map will go back to normal.
  • Players have reported Nungata disappearing from Serpent's Crown and being unable to turn in quests.  This is not a bug as she leaves the area during the quest The Final Maneuver and will return to her normal location when that quest is resolved.

If you run into an issue different than the ones listed above that prevents you from being able to continue your adventure through the Deadfire, please feel free to let us know in an email and attach any screenshots, output_log.txt files, save files, and crash logs that may assist us in helping to resolve the issue.  Should you need information on how to obtain those files, you can find instructions here.  Please send these emails to support@obsidian.net and we will do what we can to get you back on track.

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