What should I do after starting a New Game?

So you've found yourself shrunken down to the size of an ant and now you're wondering what you should do to survive the backyard? Follow some of these easy steps to get started!

Collect Everything!

There are lots of things littered across the backyard and you've got plenty of inventory space, so grab everything you find. Pebblets, plant fiber, sprigs, sap, mushrooms; you'll need it all!

Scan Everything!

Someone left handy field stations all around the yard and one happens to be to the left of where you started. Take the items you've found and analyze them to learn useful crafting recipes!

Craft Everything!

You may be in the backyard for quite a while, so it's best if you start making tools and shelter to prepare for the long haul. Open your crafting menu with Tab (PC) or Change View (Xbox One) and get crafting! Even if you think you may not need something, it's best to familiarize yourself with everything you have at your disposal.

Explore Everything!

What may have seemed like just a puddle before could be an exciting adventure to someone of your size! When you're comfortable with your immediate surroundings, take some time to explore and see your ordinary, old backyard from a whole new perspective!

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