Patch 0.3.2 Notes 10-9-20

Earlier today we pushed out Patch 0.3.2 for all players. Please update your game when you see that this update is available to receive the following fixes and changes:


  • Fixed client crash when ziplines exist in the yard across very large distances
  • Fixed random crashes when traversing the yard
  • Fixed crash related to Frankenline when loading a saved game
  • Fixed crash for clients when joining a game near a Spinning Wheel / Roasting Spit / Jerky Rack that currently has processing items on it
  • Fixed random crashes when syncing cloud saves
  • Slight improvement on Friends Search reliability


  • Fixed issue with Inventory and Crafting screens having low FPS on Xbox and Win 10 Store builds
  • Fixed issue where saving the game was not allowed if there was no internet connection
  • Fixed clients not having access to the Daredevil Mutation when rejoining a game where that was purchased already


  • Fixed Spinning Wheel occasionally showing the wrong timer when looking at it
  • Fixed Web Fiber items in the world not showing up for clients

Thank you everyone for your continued support and reports, we appreciate them!

To stay current with the commonly reported issues and to follow their status, please visit our Grounded Issue Tracker Trello Board, or you can bookmark our Known Issues List.

If you are experiencing an issue that is not listed on either the Trello board or in the Known Issues List, either email us directly at or fill out the Contact form located on our Support Site and include the following information:

  1. Platform: (Xbox Console, PC Game Pass, PC Microsoft Store, PC Steam).
  2. Multiplayer or Single Player Game. (If multiplayer, can you let us know how many players in total in the game, and their platforms if you know this)
  3. Description of issue.
  4. Last thing you did in the game before the issue occurred, if applicable.

Thank you again, and have fun out in the backyard!

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